Integrated Marketing Communications (Imc) and Customer Satisfaction Strategy

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction Strategy


The Alpha & Omega Medical Company MKT 500 Marketing Management Week 8 Assignment # 4

By Anthony McKenzie

Presented to
Dr. Deidre Guion November 13, 2011

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction Strategy In order to grab the attention; of those individuals who makes up a splintered audience and the varied media that intrigues them. Marketing executives has recommended to business to use Integrated Marketing Communications, merely because it helps with making intelligent choices and choosing the correct needs outlets, the marketing managers should also be aware of any strengths of the different media sources that are available may have (Bucci, 2010). The problems that are related to satisfaction are plain and simple. The bar is set to extremely low, so low, in other words, it will not hurt a business sales results. There is a strategy available that markets can implement into their business strategies. Setting high goals for a business is significantly important, since this is the only method that can hurt the purchase rates and sales per customer (Customer Service Strategy, 2011). 1) Discuss the company’s advertising strategy and how it aligns with its marketing goals? There are many different, advertising strategies that a business can use in the promoting of their products and services that advertising strategy is known as the push and pull method. This particular method was selected merely because the owner of the Alpha & Omega Medical Supply Company, purchases its products in bulk as a result, there is more products to sell. This method aligns well with the marketing goals of this company. Simply because the Alpha & Omega Medical Supply Company, main goal is to build a large customer base and this is the best possible way to do that (Boone & Kurtz, 2011).

2) Discuss how the effectiveness of the advertising will be measured? There are several ways in which the effectiveness can be measured; it can be measured through memory, attitudes, preferences, and purchase patterns. Traditionally, marketers and researchers were thinking that memory is not the same as persuasion, but it’s a good starting point. Marketers and researchers don’t believe that an ad can affect a person’s attitude. Whether the strategic goal of an ad campaign; is cognitive (awareness, knowledge), affective (image, preference), or behavioral (trial, repurchase). When testing awareness and knowledge, this is measured through memory, and the more affective goals such as (image, preference) are tested with numerous measures of attitudes and behavioral intentions (Bucci, 2010). 3) Discuss the promotional strategies that may be used in addition to advertising? Promotional strategies are typically short-term in nature, the purpose of promotional strategies is that are trying to get people to act quickly before the promotion expires (Joseph, 2011). Some promotional strategies try to develop a primary demand, while getting the customer’s interested in a new product. The basic premise of this concept is so that individual business or companies could benefit from this market growth. In order words, in comparison to other strategies their main goal is to try and encourage selective demand, and getting the customers interested in a particular product brand. Marketers can choose among many promotional options to reach potential customers, in addition to...
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