Institutuional Racism

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Take a Stand and Deliver a message
In the education system, students of color seem like they aren’t getting the same opportunity’s to succeed in school, compared to the white students. Ramon Menendez’ film Stand and Deliver reveals several issues on the subject of institutional racism as well as other matters which create a major struggle for minority students. Menendez depicts several characters in his film that illustrates some obstacles or situations students of color deal with on a regular basis. For example, Angel, a hard core gangster, is drawn between his success in school and his commitment to his gang. His friend Lupe dealt with situations at home which prevented her from studying and homework. Their other classmate Ana, deals with the lack of support from her family. Although these students may be face with many challenges, their teacher Mr. Escalante doesn’t lose hope. Dealing with his own obstacles: faculty that is against him, lack of funds and inadequate resources, and the talk of cheating, Mr. Escalante defies all odds and manages not only to be a mentor, but also contributed to these students success. Paul Kivel, author of the book Uprooting Racism, defines institutional racism as an “acts in which white people discriminate, harass, stereotype, or otherwise mistreat people of color (172).” Although racism is not a word often associated with education, Kivel shows how discrimination can in turn affect the success of color students in school. Angel was headed down the wrong path; He was part of a gang that had little respect for anything. Despite rebelling against authority, Angel did show some signs of interest when it came to math. Fearing his gang members would see that he actually wanted to study; Angel confronted Mr. Escalante secretly to get books for the class. By participating in class and answering some math questions, Mr. Escalante took interest in this student; He didn’t give up on him. Angel needed a mentor. Luckily Mr. Escalante...
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