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In the movie “Stand and Deliver”, it shows that students can rise to the level of the expectations of the teacher. The new teacher of the Hispanic school, Mr. Escalante, had come into this school that had nothing going for the students. Mr. Escalante was convinced that the students had the potential to achieve if they tried their hardest and rose to his level of expectations. He started teaching extra hours just so the students could learn more. All those extra hours of the students learning more paid off by having 18 of his students pass the Advanced Placement calculus exam. That really proved that students can rise to the level of the expectations of the teacher to me.

Some kids don’t have a choice to go to school like other kids do. In the movie one girls mom mad her daughter turn off the light while she was trying to study because her mom didn’t care about school and if her daughter did good or not. That also goes with the background of your family. The parents might not care about their own kids doing well in school because when they were in school they didn’t care much. That could make the kid be that way because they wouldn’t have somebody pushing them to do good and believing in them. That girl in the movie didn’t have a choice because her mom didn’t care how she did so she had to make time on her own to do good. She cared because she had Mr. Escalante pushing her and believing in her and it gave her confidence.

Racism has a big impact on how kids do in school. In the movie the school was full of Hispanics which resulted in a lot of racism. Just because they were Hispanics nobody believed in them or thought they could do well in their academics. The school and staff didn’t have faith in them so they didn’t push them to do well and try their hardest. When Mr. Escalante came into the school and started teaching, people began believing that maybe it wasn’t the color of your skin and where you came from that made you achieve, that it was the teacher who...
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