Institutions Do Not Limit Individual Freedom.

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From the field of political science to law and other social sciences, the topic whether or not institutions limit individual’s right and freedom is a staple in the political menu. Those in support believe that government and other agencies use institutions to brainwash and tame individuals and by so doing they amass excessive power. This argument is lean at best. To say that institutions like every other activity has some weaknesses cannot be overemphasized, but it does not limit the right of individuals.

The Wikipedia defined institutions as “any structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given human community”. Loosely expressing the definition, it is clear to see that a society without institution will be without form of control.Although the word “control” as used here may sound undemocratic, but actually it does not. What it means is that human rationality needs to be sharpened by lay down rules of law, which institutions present. Because of variability of cultural values and systems, the deviations among functions of institutions can be large, but on the average they perform activities which at least serve to protect citizens.

A major flaw in the analysis of the support argument arises from the fact that a distinction between a certain regime and its institutions has not been defined. Institutions are creatures by government with an idea to improve the economic lives, social lives and rights of citizens, but whether or not this is achieved is not the fault of the institution rather is that of the current regime. The following paragraphs will identify some set examples to counter the argument that institution limits the rights of individuals. This article would focus on association and countries with well developed political system and democratic practices.

To begin with, the rights of human are a prime objective for any nations...
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