Classical Republicanism

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Social contract, Natural and legal rights Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Gekira Murray
Group 6
Individual Assessment
Today in our society we can describe our government and way of life as a modern democracy. In a modern democracy it insures the rule of the people by the people in which they share fundamental values and ideals. However our government has not always been in such a total agreement on how the people’s rights can be defined. Consequently the idea of classical republicanism was emerged and was devoted to the common good of the community. Despite the ideals of classical republicanism the natural rights philosophy also included ideals that emphasized more of a close relationship with personal interests. Lastly as our government evolved it has given us a more sense of personal interests but yet for the common good as well, after learning about these aspects one could conclude that our government today’s main purpose should be to serve the people by the people.

Classical Republicanism is an idea or philosophy that places individual rights and interests below the common good of the community in which the security and domination of the community was uplifted and ones private lives were discarded. During this era of classical republicanism there were three aspects of influence which are small uniform communities, citizenship and civic virtue, and lastly moral education. These three areas all contributed to the main purpose of government which was to secure the domination of there republic and keep it safe from invasion. A historical event that relates to this topic was the history of the Roman Republic. The Roman Republic leader Cicero believed that the viewing of public life was ones highest calling. This was a historical warning to America that government should protect the lives of the people not the people protect the government. In a way all of these areas contributed to the founding of America. Small uniform communities valued the thought that humans are mostly found living happily in...
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