Classical Liberalism vs. Classical Conservatism

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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How do democratic systems operate in practice?
Kaliaskariva Aizhan
Establishment of a democratic system of government can proceed in two fundamentally different ways. The first way - the gradual expansion of "deep" talks between elite groups, ie negotiations involving all the phases of the negotiation process. In this case, the closer you are to the center of a social subject of decision-making, especially in the deeper level talks on important political issues it is incorporated. This path - this is the form of democratic institution, which can be seen in the history of Northern Europe - the UK, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. In this case, as a democratic practice would sprout from the top down - first become involved in the negotiations advisers of the king, the most powerful feudal lords and members of the church, and then members of the nobility and the wealthiest citizens, and only after the system of democratic institutions more or less fully formed in relations between elite groups, it spreads to the entire population - as a rule, first on the men's part of it, and then the female. This happens, for example, by gradually reducing the property qualification. In essence, the same way the democratic system developed in the U.S., where the black population is fully integrated into the democratic system until the end of the 60s of this century.The main feature of this way of democratic development is the availability of a constant supply of power legitimacy replenished by engaging in negotiations consistently every social group that acquires the economic or political resources. An alternative option of a political system of democracy is the negotiation between the government and civil society in general, occurs if the power for a long time ignored the demands and interests of civil society. In this case democracy is developing as a process of institutionalization of the talks. First, the parties are silent auction - the power of unilateral...
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