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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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The emergence of computer communication technology has accelerated and offers great opportunities to fast, cost effective and efficient electronic communication. In addition, universities and other institutions across the globe are building up their own institutional repository centre. Therefore, librarians and library professionals should take initiative and come up with institutional repositories so that researchers and the scholars can access the scholarly publishing materials.

Definition of Institutional Repository
An Institutional Repository is an on-line focus for collecting and preserving in digital form the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution. Universities and other institutions are producing digital information base of their Ph.D. theses & dissertations, articles, reports, conference proceedings, Audio-Video records using Open Source software and making them available to their end users It also makes possible to give access to quality scholarship produced by the concerned universities and institutions to others throughout the world over the Internet. An Institutional Repositories is “a digital collection capturing and preserving the intellectual output of a single or multi-university community.” It consists of formally organized and managed collections of digital content generated by faculty, staff and students at an institution. The content can be made available for integration with on-campus library and course management systems and also to colleagues and students at other institutions, as well as to the general public. An institutional repository is a web-based database (repository) of scholarly material. The institutional repositories collect stores and disseminate digital resources and long term preserves these digital materials. An institutional repository is a set of services that an institute/university offers to the members of its community for the management...
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