Taxonomy of Dr-Ntu in Singapore

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The Digital Repository of Nanyang Technological University (DR-NTU) has adopted a taxonomy with the intention of facilitate the search and retrieval of information. In addition, the goal of the taxonomy is to provide value to the repository and provide a good interface for the users, allowing a soft navigation through their collections. In the present paper we provide an overview of the main characteristics of the current taxonomy and we assess whether the taxonomy fulfil its goal or not. According with informal interviews with users from NTU and users outside of NTU and with the analysis of the present structure, we found that the taxonomy could be improved if is simplified and focus in the global academic community.


1. Introduction
2. Background of DR-NTU
3. Information Needs of Users in DR-NTU
4.1. Informal discussions with the Users
3.2. Suggestions from NTU Staff and Students
3.3. Suggestions from External People
4. Problems Encountered
5. Steps Taken for the Development of the Taxonomy Prototype
5.1. Review and Selection of Appropriate Terms
5.2. Compile Candidate Terms
6. Main Differences
7. Conclusion

Appendix: Modified Taxonomy of DR-NTU

1. Introduction
The Digital Repository of Nanyang Technology University (DR-NTU) is a virtual library, which collects and stores the scholarship produced by the NTU community. In this paper we are going to analyze the current taxonomy of the DR-NTU. In addition we are going to propose some changes to the taxonomy based in the idea that the repository is of interest for the global community and no just for the NTU community.

2. Background of DR-NTU
The digital repository (DR) of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is the virtual place where the intellectual production of the NTU community is stored, organized and available. The main objective of the repository is that helps for reference and research to the NTU community and to the global academic in general. In addition, the repository aims to preserve and safeguard the NTU scholarship to all the levels, from the students to the researchers. The goal of the DR-NTU is to serve the global academic community providing access to the local intellectual production. The access to the DR-NTU has two different levels. Open and restricted access, these both differ from the kind of material that is accessible according with the authorization and authentication of the users. The section open access is accessible by the general public and the restricted access is accessible only by authorized users, including professors and students. In the restricted area authorized users are able to access/submit publications as journal articles and conference articles as well as related academic material produced by the NTU community. The open access area is very limited in the amount of resources compared with the total of the resources of DR-NTU. In contrast, the internal community, which have access to the restricted area, have availability to all the academic materials, mainly dissertations, researches, and student reports. Furthermore, the NTU community is encouraged to contribute with research reports, student reports, exam papers, theses and dissertations. Most of them are submitted by students (including post graduate), but in some specific research documents, such as research reports, the documents are created by the university staff and graduate students. NTU Library and the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information jointly developed the NTU digital repository by using the open source software DSpace from MIT. The centre for IT services of NTU maintains the daily operation of the repository, such as control system and provides technological support for DR-NTU (Sam, 2009).

3. Information Needs of Users in DR-NTU
The main objective of DR-NTU is to conserve and make the scholarly production...
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