Innovative Thinking-Sindbad the Sailor

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Innovative Thinking
Although Sindbad encounters perilous circumstances on his voyages, light vs. dark archetype indicates how innovative thinking aids problem solving, concluding in Sindbad’s boundless prosperity. Utilizing resources and opportunities allows for success. When opportunities present themselves, people are able to grab ahold it to use it to their advantage. Students utilize the resources in school such as, teachers, the library, the internet, and tutorials, to make their way through high school and onto college. Imagine a student writing an essay with no prior knowledge whatsoever on the prompt. Without taking ahold of the resources around the student, such as computers, the student would not successfully be able to accomplish writing the essay. By taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves, people are able to move farther in life, than people who let opportunities or resources slip through their fingers. Chefs use ingredients around them to create new dishes. If something goes awry, then they would be able to use resources, ingredients, utensils, or kitchen, to fix a problem. In the working environment, such as a business, people take advantage of opportunities given to them, such as a new project, new responsibilities, so that they may move forward in their career versus an employee who passes these chances by and ends up doing the same thing forever. Utilizing resources and opportunities is also about taking charge. When things present themselves, you grab it and use it. When a tutorial comes up, a student should use it to their power and attend, to help them in school. If something goes wrong, you take charge and use elements around you to fix a problem. When a new responsibility shows up, you take and use it to your advantage, because in the long run, it all adds up to success. Innovative thinking changes the way of living. When people feel like they need a change in their life, such as work, they feel stuck. Through...
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