Organizational Impact Paper

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Organizational Impact Paper
The impact that innovation has on an organization is significant. Defining what innovation, creativity, and design are to and organization and the impact it can have on an organization. When an organization looks at innovation the company should be looking for a new way to do something. To expect change in innovation cannot be avoided in this changing and competitive world of business, changes will always be necessary to stay competitive. The three organizations I have chosen are Southwest Airlines, IBM Corporation and Motorola Company let see how innovation impacts these organizations. In 1971 an airline company named Southwest Airlines was born. The company stated with very little money but had some fame. Some of the advancement that made Southwest Airlines popular is their lower fares, the frequency of flight availability and on time arrivals, and an outstanding safety record. Southwest was always thinking innovation some years back southwest was thinking of the future and ways to keep their airlines in the forefront in the airlines industry the airlines purchased jet fuel at a lower price for future use, this was smart innovative and creative thinking on their behalf. “Tickets less travel, use of the internet, booking & tracking trips through the website are the other innovative policies that ease the business operation of the company” (Brainmass, 2008 pg. 1). Southwest Airlines has managed to be innovative on a couple of fronts the organization has developed a strategy to offer low fares and it has helped to streamline the operations. Another example is that Southwest uses only one type of airplane that is the Boeing 737s all the planes are indistinguishable with the flight instruments, “this saves time and money by... [continues]
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