Innovation in Education

Topics: Poverty, French Revolution, Social class Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Innovation in Education

Gimms Andrews

Final Submission

Stratford University

EBM 502 Research Methods

Dr. Venkataraman Subramaniam

3rd March 2010


There are nearly 10,000 underprivileged children studying in the slum schools of HOPE worldwide India ( It is a challenge to get good books for these children. We came up with an idea to overcome this challenge.

We will approach many schools in Delhi and tie up with the management to organize a book donation drive. The drive will be simple. We will talk to the students in each class and inspire them to donate one or two unwanted books from their houses. We will collect these books and then sort them out. The ones that can be used by our slum school children will be transported to them. The books that cannot be used will be sold and the cash invested into the running of the same slum schools.

This scheme is a win-win for all. The middle class are happy to get rid of unwanted books in their houses and they are happy that it will be going for a good cause. On the other hand the poor children in these slum schools will have access to many books they would never otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to. Even if a book is not useful it can be converted to cash and the same becomes additional cash flow for these schools. Either way by donating unwanted books the children in HOPE worldwide India’s slum schools will benefit.

Our children, the future of the Nation
Across the world, some things never change. Such as the inherent nature of children. Children are innocent, vulnerable, dependent, curious, active and full of hope. What does change is the circumstances they are faced with and the situations they live in.  This is exactly what makes children on the street different from others around them. They are faced with the demons of physical danger, poverty, hunger, homelessness, epidemics and illiteracy. These children are often...
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