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Dick Smith grabs a stake in cattle company Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith. Dick Smith is criticial of foreign companies buying up Australian land. Kim Honan
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1 August 2012
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News
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After a $1 million investment, entrepreneur Dick Smith is now a major shareholder of the country's largest beef producer, the Australian Agricultural Company (AAco). AAco is also Australia's second largest landholder with seven million hectares of properties across the Northern Territory and Queensland. Mr Smith says although there's no return on land at the moment he believes that in the long-term it will be a good investment. "Most importantly, I wanted to show people that if I'm saying 'Look, we shouldn't be encouraging all this sell-off of our wonderful farm land, we should be buying it ourselves'," he said. "I wanted to show that I was prepared to do that, and I certainly am. Mr Smith believes that there will be better times ahead for Australian farmers and a return to wealth. "When I was a kid in the 1950s, all my relatives on the land were wealthy and we were poor living in the city, but now it's reversed, but I'm sure it's going to go back the other way," he said. "With the standard of living rising in many developing countries, they're going to want our beautiful food and I'm hoping then the farming community will be able to make a good living again. "But they'll only be able to do that if we haven't sold all the land off, and we've got to somehow say to our politicians, 'Look, it's okay to show a bit of leadership and say we'll have better economic times in the short term if we sell everything off, because it's quick cash in, but in the long term it'll be worse off, so we're going to suffer a bit and not sell'." Mr Smith is particularly critical of the Chinese Government investing in Australia, given the restrictions China itself has on foreign investment. Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Smith's focus on achievements
Robbie Patterson
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25 July 2012
Northern District Times
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AUSTRALIAN icon Dick Smith landed his helicopter at Marsden High School on Thursday to speak with the students. Mr Smith gave an emotive speech to the school body about how they can improve our world. He spoke about achieving success and his struggles through academic life, being an undiagnosed dyslexic child. He touched on patriotism, entreprenuership and travel, with some entertaining tales of his five around-the-world trips. Mr Smith spoke about building Dick Smith Electronics starting with just $610, selling it to Woolworths for $20 million. News Ltd.

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Brie Snare LOOKING a little silly is
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29 June 2012
Port Macquarie News
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Brie Snare
LOOKING a little silly is all for a good cause today.
People across the country will slip on a squashy red nose in an effort to raise awareness of the mysterious and devastating condition, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [SIDS]. Port Macquarie MP Leslie Williams raised $1000 towards the cause from a dinner she organised at Parliament House in Sydney last week. "As a former CEO of the Sudden Infant Death Association in the Northern Territory, this is something close to my heart and I encourage as many people as possible to buy a red nose at any outlet supporting Red Nose Day," Mrs Williams said. "The services that SIDS and Kids provides Australian families, including bereavement support for families dealing with the death of a child, is vital. "I was particularly pleased with the support shown by my Parliamentary colleagues and staff all wearing red noses...
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