Informative Speech on Sids

Topics: Sudden infant death syndrome, Sleep, Infant Pages: 3 (662 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Speaking Outline
I. Introduction
A. Any of you know babies under 1yr/younger placed its tummy when sleeping can very dangerous. In fact, when happens, 1 in 5 babies dies & increases risk of SIDS. B. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, condition when infant 1 yr/younger stops breathing & dies without apparent cause C. According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention-leading cause of death infants of 1 to 12 months & third leading cause overall of infant mortality in US

D. overall rate of SIDS in U.S. has declined by more than 50% since 1990, can happen if pple do not inform about ways to prevent them
Therefore, will inform about safe sleep practices & safe sleep environments, that can help reduce babies dying from SIDS II. Body
E. First, American Academy of Pediatrics, aka: AAP recommended safe and easy sleep practices anyone can follow i. First, important always place sleeping babies on backs during naps & nighttime a. babies under 1 yr/younger, always be placed on their backs b. babies older than 1, & roll side/stomach themselves cab be left alone ii. Another safe sleep practice AAP recommends is avoid baby getting too hot c. room baby sleeps should be comfortable room temperature may be too hot if baby starts to sweat or chest too hot d. In fact, babies be dressed no more 1 extra layer you would wear iii. Also, consider giving pacifier to baby when asleep e. pacifier not have any cords may cause strangulation f. okay if baby doesn’t want to use pacifier

can try offering pacifier again. If baby takes pacifier & falls out after falls asleep, don’t have put it back g. According to, De-Kun Li, a research scientist & other scientists conducted research...
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