Informative Speech on Ghost Hunting Equipment

Topics: Electronic voice phenomenon, Ghost hunting, Infrared Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Topic: Ghost Hunting Equipment

Specific Purpose: To inform the interviewing jury the proper equipment used for a successful ghost hunt.


I. Attention Material: Ghost hunting is filled with different types of emotions. Scary, sad, excited, nervous, angry, etc. are all different emotions you could feel during a ghost hunt. All in all though it is a fun time and cool to experience with your friends. It is also very interesting to hear the history of a specific area and have similar situation occur during your ghost hunt that relate to the history of the site. But what are some of the equipment that is necessary to have a successful ghost hunt? [Source]In ‘Ghost Hunters enjoy surprising 100% success rate’ an article from the onion web site the crew talks about how there equipment is one of the reasons they are so successful. II. Ethos-Establishing Material: I am in no way an expert in the ghost-hunting field nor to I have all the cool equipment the professionals have on the shows such as ghost hunters or ghost adventures. I have though, been ghost hunting for about five years now and have had some cool and frightening experiences. Also, I frequently watch the shows such as ghost adventures and haunted collections so I have seen and understand a lot of the equipment they use. III. Preview and Thesis: There are many different types of equipment used in the ghost-hunting field. Today I am here to discuss some of those tools, their definition, how effective it is, and some different types of proof. The eight different tools I am going to talk about today are cameras, EMF meter, camcorder, laser grid, motion detector, thermometer, spirit box, and digital voice recorder.


I. Cameras: digital cameras that capture still images are one of the few items that a typical person would have and could use for a ghost hunt. A. There are different types of cameras that can be used to be even more successful: a. Full Spectrum Camera:...
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