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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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For the muslim, Black Stone (literally meaning black stone) is a blessed stone. The color is reddish black. There's a Black Stone believed came from heaven. Black Stone Size about 30cm. In most of his side, he wrapped silver. Materially, scientifically proven that the Black Stone is a meteorite from outer space. While there are no stones in heaven.

Maqam Ibrahim is a stone on which Prophet Ibrahim stood while building the Ka'ba. When it ismail helped his father, Ibrahim, with boulders thrusting. Each completed a section, they move to another part. During building the Ka'ba ibrahim always stand on the stone, which was then known as maqam ibrahim. Among the miracles God is the rock that always ibrahim ibrahim trampled during the build Ka'ba was softened, so that trace her feet and looks pretty clear impression until now.   Tomb of Abraham is very well maintained and survive for thousands of years, more or less around 5,000 years old. And now it's been closed with a small dome-shaped glass. Ibrahim footprint size is not large, roughly equal to the current size of the human foot. The second former footprint of Prophet Ibrahim length 27 cm, width 14 cm and depth of 10 cm was visible and clearly see people who want to pray at the tomb of Abraham back after doing tawaf around the Ka'ba seven times.

Multazam merupakan tempat doa mudah dikabulkan. Disunahkan berdoa disana sambil menempelkan kedua pipi, dada, dua siku, dan telapak tangan. Multazam berada diantara hajar aswad dan pintu masjid, seukuran 2m
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