Informative Speech

Topics: Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: February 28, 2013
February 11, 2013

Informative speech

Topic: Doing a speech.
General purpose: to inform.
Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about how to learn guitar.


I. Greeting, and telling the topic
II. Attention getter (Some chords)
III. Credibility statement: How are people expectations about guitar IV. The speech is about how to enjoy playing guitar
V. Main points
Learn the basics
Find your musical world


I. Learn the basics
1. How to start playing
A. Buy a guitar, one that you have chosen.
B. Contradiction with the teaching method. (Statistics)
C. Using Youtube and websites to learn.
D. Learn How to read a tab (opposition to piano)

2.As a beginner

A. “Quote”, Be patient during the firsts weeks
B. Practice as often as you can
C. Try to find someone else better than you to play with

II. Find your musical world

A. Easy Methods
1. Choose the music you like
2. Infinity of songs with basic chords

B. Become an artist
1. Modify your songs
2. Don’t be ashamed


A. Closing: To conclude
B. How to start playing
C. Don’t be discouraged before trying
D. Our location situation encourage such an art
E. Thank audience for listening

Hello everyone, I want to inform you today about how to learn guitar. This is one of the most popular instruments that have been created so far. There are many styles of guitars: Acoustic (steel strings and classical, Electric). This one is a steel strings acoustic guitar. Chords

During the first year I was not only interested how to play guitar but to understand how the instrument works. After the firsts months, I chose to focus on acoustic guitars, maybe because I could bring it with me everywhere. Know I’m gonna give you an overall idea of how to start playing, and after how to find your musical style.

1) First, you must have your own instrument in order to play whenever you want to; it has to be...
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