Motivational Speech Outline

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Speech: Motivational Speech

Speech Title:

Playing A Musical Instrument and Its Benefits.

General Purpose:To persuade

Specific Purpose:To persuade my audience into learning how to play a musical instrument, because there are several benefits to it.

Thesis:Knowing how to play an instrument has several benefits. It has been known to help better our memory, cognitive skills, patience, discipline, stress relief, and happiness.

Action step:If you haven’t already, I would like to suggest that you learn how to play a musical instrument.


A.How many of you believe that the saying, “Music is good for the soul” is true? Listening to music is very beneficial for us, it does things like relieve stress and put us in a happier mood. How many of you know how to play a musical instrument? Playing a musical instrument gives you the same gratifying feelings that listening to music gives you, plus more. (attention-getter & common ground)

B.According to the Effective Music Teaching website, “Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to you and to everyone around you.” With my experience in playing the guitar, I have proven this true. I know that playing an instrument teaches a person patience, discipline, responsibility, and concentration, just to name a few. (credibility)

C.Knowing how to play an instrument has several benefits. It has been known to help better our memory, time management, patience, discipline, stress relief, and happiness. (thesis)

D.If you haven’t already done so, I would like to suggest that you learn how to play a musical instrument. (action step)

E.Today I will be covering the main benefits that playing an instrument yields: improving of the memory, hearing, motor skills, time management skills, stress relief, and happiness. (preview)

Transition: Playing a musical instrument actually changes the make up the brain. This affects certain characteristics such as memory and small motor skills.


A. Playing a musical instrument changes the make up of the brain.

1. According to Blackburn Music’s website, last update in 2013, the part of the brain that controls memory, hearing, and small motor skills becomes more active and form more connections.

2. In a study done by Gordon Shaw, particle physicist and researcher at the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, it shows that the impulses that travel through our brain have a certain pattern. He found that these patterns matched the patterns in the musical pieces of Mozart (The Mozart Effect).

Transition: Learning how to play an instrument consumes a lot of time and can really test a person’s patience and time management skills.

B. Playing a musical instrument helps better a person’s time management skills and patience.

1. Learning to play the instrument takes time and people make a lot of mistakes before they get it right (patience).

a. I had a hard time learning to switch the position of my hand while playing a song on the guitar.

2. Every day/week, there needs to be a planned time to practice (time management).

a. I had to practice for at least 30 minutes at home every day apart from practice time during class.

Transition: When something is bothering you, or when you are having a long day, playing music can help relieve some of that stress.

C. Playing an instrument helps relieve stress.

1. According to the American Psychological Association’s 2010 “Stress in America Findings”, music is the number one way of managing stress in young Americans, at 49%....
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