Informative Speech

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Informative Speech: Fire Safety

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a smoke alarm. What is the first thought that goes through your mind?

Every year thousands of people die from House fires. I’m here to give you some statistics and some helpful solutions that may save your life.

By the end of my speech I hope you will have a better understanding of Fire Safety and things you can do to prevent one in your home.

1. In 2011 Fire Departments responded to 370,000 House fires (NFPA.Org) Of those 370k Fires

A.2590 People died (Not including FF’s)
B.12,910 People were injured
C.7.2 billion dollars in direct damage
D.On Average 7 people died everyday in the U.S
E.Nov-March Fires more likely to occur
F. 40 percent of house fires occur in homes with no working smoke alarms.

2. Leading cause’s of House fires

A.Cooking 5-8 pm
B.Heating equipment- Elderly population

D.Males account for almost double the total cost in damage and fire injuries over women at 4.8 billion.

E.Main two groups of people that are at most risk for causing and being injured by fires.

3. Children

A.Children 4 & under
a.Children are curious about fire
b.Children account for 35k fires per year
c.8k are in homes.

B.How to educate Children
a.Teach Children that fire is a tool and not a toy
b.Teach them not to hide during a fire
c.Teach them to go downstairs and not higher (Heat and smoke travel up) d.Teach them Stop Drop and Roll
e.Crawl low in smoke
f.Teach them how to sleep with the door closed to their bedroom.

4. Elderly
A.Will account for 21 pct of population by 2050.
B.Elderly Most prone to Fire.

a.Accounting for 25% of all fire related deaths.
b.More likely to misuse electrical appliances (Portable heaters, heating blankets) c.More prone to household accidents involving cooking fires, electrical fires and smoking d.Dementia and Alzheimer’s (forgetting to turn of...
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