Informative Essay. Weight Loss Maintenance

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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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Weight loss Maintenance

The book that I choose for my diet presentation was Weight Loss maintenance from the Oklahoma State University Library , I chose this book because I feel that most people go on these crash diets and loose all the weight but over time gain all the weight back because they don’t do weight loss maintenance. This book offered a lot of ideas for ways to self monitor your weight and your behaviors to keep the weight off for the long term, not only does this book discuss the physical aspects for weights loss but the physiological aspects. This book discussed very seriously how much weight loss is defined by the successfulness of keeping the weight off that you loose, it is stated that if you loose 10% of your body weight keeping that amount off for a year or more is considered success. Considering that 10 % seems relatively low only 20% are actually successful with keeping the weight off. But it also says that successful weight loss can still be considered successful with a minimal amount of weight gain, this is still considered an over all improved health. Weight loss can either be intentional or unintentional in studies our population looses weight often UN intentional, this can be a factor in how people are either successful with there weight loss or UN successful. In weight loss maintenance success you have to have a strict criterion that can last up to five years, according to there data if this lifestyle is accomplished 21% of overweight/ obese persons will be able to keep the weight off and become healthy.

Research done in this book comes from the national weight control registry which was founded in 1994 to study weight loss and weight maintenance strategies of successful weight loss maintenance. In the studies that they did any individual who qualifies to be a candidate must maintain at least a 30lb weight loss for at least a year, this process would not only monitor there weight loss but there weight loss...