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a)Case Study 12
Company and Challenges:2
Case Study 23
Company and Challenges:3
Case Study 34
Company and Challenges:4
b)Fruterine: Risks and Challenges4
c)Request for Proposal5
System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics AX 20127

a) Case Study 1
* Company and Challenges:
Ford Motor Company, one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, has worked with Penske on several Six Sigma initiatives. Penske’s top team of associates, the company’s lead logistics provider (LLP), are trained in Six Sigma practices and work closely with Ford to optimise operations and create and maintain a more centralized logistics network. Together, they uncovered several areas for real cost savings as a result of reducing inbound carrier discrepancies, eliminating unnecessary premium costs and reducing shipment overages. In addition, Penske implemented accountability procedures and advanced logistics management technologies to gain more visibility of its overall supply network. The present challenges faced by the company can be listed as: * To develop, implement and operate a centralized logistics network for Ford. * To streamline supplier and carrier operations for improved performance and accountability. * To provide Ford with real-time supply chain and financial visibility (PENSKE 2012). * Solutions

* Penske established 10 Order Dispatch Centres (ODCs) and consolidated shipments to plants. Approximately 1,200 trailers now ship to and from Ford's ODCs per day, with most trucks at 95 percent capacity. Penske has reduced plant inventory by 15 percent (PENSKE 2012).

* Penske trained more than 1,500 suppliers on a uniform set of procedures and logistics technologies. Stringent carrier requirements and a Carrier Rating System were implemented to measure carrier performance (PENSKE 2012).

* Penske implemented strict accountability procedures and advanced logistics management technologies to gain real-time visibility of delivery status, routing schedules and productivity. A new freight billing system was designed to immediately capture logistics costs (PENSKE 2012). Case Study 2

* Company and Challenges:
Lee Company, a construction service provider based in Franklin, Tennessee, provides air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical and other environmental solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Outdated technology was haltering the company’s further growth. Supervisors and managers at construction job sites were using handheld devices with IBM Lotus Notes to communicate with the office, but the solution did not work well and required a great deal of support. Job site managers had to wait until they returned to the office to respond to e-mail, or until they could access e-mail on their laptops using a very inefficient remote access protocol. Vital information, such as design or schedule changes or financial decisions, was often delayed and field employees found it difficult to do their jobs effectively due to the prevailing inefficient communication (Microsoft Case Studies 2012). * Solutions:

The Company decided to significantly upgrade its back-end infrastructure by upgrading in several stages, beginning with the deployment of Windows Essential Business Server 2008. It also deployed to field staff 40 phones such as Palm Treo 700wx, Motorola Q, and the Samsung SCH-i760 that are powered by Windows Mobile versions 6 and 6.1. At present, Lee Company is using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with the Windows SharePoint Services add-in for Windows Essential Business Server, which installed during the Windows Essential Business 2008 instillation process. During 2009, the company planned to introduce Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics SL, its range of business software. The company plans...
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