Information Systems Proposal

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Information Systems Proposal
BIS/220 Introduction to Computer Applications and Systems

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Executive Summary3
Information Systems Table4
Information Systems Overview Summary5

Executive Summary
Old School Ears Record Store provides customers with solutions to obtaining the music they have loved for years but have had difficulty finding. Our record store has suppliers from everywhere and we specialize in rare musical hits that are hard to find. If a customer has been unsuccessful in his or her search for a record, he or she can come to our store and fill out a form, and we can forward that information to our suppliers and generally have results within five (5) business days.

Our customers can use our software to download music and record it on their iPod or electronic mobile device. Customers can also store music on the hard drive of their laptop or desk top computers. Music can be uploaded to a MP3 player or CD Rom and transferred from computer to computer for easy accessing.

In order for the record store to run smoothly, there are several types of information systems that will assist us in the following functional areas: * Create activity reports

* Track credit card sales
* Handle payroll processing
* Assist with maintaining the record stores’ budget
Information systems reports and technological data will aid in allowing is to stay ahead of competitors and make a good profit from record sales.

Information Systems Table
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