Information System Strategy

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We would like to take this as an opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all those who gave their support to make this project achievable.

First and foremost we would like to thank our lecturer Ms. Zeenath Hidaya for guiding us and helping us by spending her valuable time throughout this project. Her direction has given us the strength to get through this assignment lucratively.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Mr. Vasantha Leelananda Director of Cinnamon Grand Colombo for spending his valuable time with us and providing us with valuable information require.

In addition we would like to thank all my contemporaries who have supported us in various aspects with regard to this project.

We would also like to thank all Lecturers and Staff members, Lab Assistance and Library Staff for their support in carrying out this project effectively.

Thank you for your commitment shown towards us in order to make this project a success.


In the present context the company needs to have a good competitive advantage/edge over the other companies in order to be succeeded. This could be achieved with the use of Information Technology and Information system strategies according to the business needs.

The Cinnamon Hotel Chain (Private) Limited is a large scale company in Sri Lanka. It is a main hospitality brand of "John Keells Holdings" and also it can be considered as a medium scale company in international hospitality chain. With the competitive environment around the company it has to be equipped to face and overcome the challenges of the new era.

So far the company has carried activities manually except a very few operations such as financial, CRM and etc. Now time has come to equip the company with the necessary tools to face all the challenges with the focus on minimizing costs, serving customers better and maximize profit margins.

The weaknesses in the process are identified by studying the current system. In the company areas of CRM, ERP, Procurement management, supply chain management and inventory management and also HR will need significant improvements.

This report suggests the improvements that the company can take using IT/IS to keep the company desired standard with the technological advancements.

Table of contents
Table of contents5
List of Figures6
List of Tables7
Background of the Company9
Main Objective of the company10
The Business Process12
Current IT Infrastructure13
The Competitive Environment - Porters Five Forces15
McFarlans strategic grid23
Earl’s Top down Approach26
Earl’s Bottom-Up Approach27
Earl’s Inside Out Approach29
Reference and Bibliography37
Appendix A41
Competitive analysis impact analyzing41
SWOT/TOWS matrix worksheet46
Macro environment48
Appendix B64
Clarifying the company activities to McFarlans strategic grid64
Appendix C65
Critical Success Factors to gain business objectives and the need of IS needs65
Appendix D- Work Break down Structure78

List of Figures

Figure 1: Perceptual map for the cinnamon grand Colombo11
Figure 2: Porter’s Five Forces14
Figure 3: Positioning of the systems22
Figure 4: Earl’s Top-Down approach25
Figure 5: Earl’s Bottom-Up approach26
Figure 6: Earl’s Inside-Out approach28
Figure 7: Fishbone diagram of Cinnamon Grand29
Figure 8 : Concept fan for Cinnamon30

List of Tables

Table 1: Infrastructure of Cinnamon Grand IT section13
Table 2: Scale to Analyze PORTERS five forces14
Table 3: Competitive analysis of Cinnamon Grand21
Table 4: McFarlans Strategic grid22
Table 5 : Proposed systems to Cinnamon Grand34


To: IT Manager
From: IS consultant
Subject: Strategic analysis of Cinnamon Grand
Date: 2nd July 2010

Cinnamon Grand Colombo is representative of the...
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