Information Security and Managment

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Newspaper Articles on Information Security Threats2
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Newspaper Articles on Information Security Threats
The number of articles found, discussing and reporting the threat to information security were four. A brief summary of each is given as follows: The first article was the threat posed due to the malware viable and distributed on the internet. The social networking websites and other free sources of software are major source of such malware. The content comes to the user disguised as a message or a statement from a friend. It turns out to be a collection of malware and virus which affect an individual’s computer in drastic form. These malware are easy to install and one or two wrong step on the part of the users can result in large problem. Such malware are difficult to identify and occur on daily basis. If activated by mistake, they may result in loss of large amount of data crashing of an individual’s computer, or even loss of memory. The article goes on to warn online users to be aware of the potential threats posed and be extremely careful while opening such software on one’s computer. The second article discussed the threat posed to information security via the hacking of one’s internet addresses. The massages sent via such sources are normally spam or virus in nature. This also leads to the person, whose email id is being used to send such messages. It also happens that the mails sent may be derogatory in nature and may lead to stressful conditions in a person’s life. The best way to prevent such conditions is to keep all forms of identification personal, and to not use any form of public computers. The third article discussed the lack of information security provided by mobile phone networks. With the advent of the smart phones and the usage of the internet becoming a daily process on one’s mobile phone, the attacks on information security have increased. It discusses the nature of such attacks. It is important that an individual doesn’t share his/ hers mobile phone with other individuals for the usage of the internet. This leads to lack of security on the part of the individual and may also lead to sharing of information which can be used in a negative format. The last article discusses the threat posed by large number of applications and software available on the web. These software and applications may not be secure. On the other hand, it happens so that the software contain virus and require access to the system which affects negatively. The threat posed by such software available on the websites is huge as the awareness regarding such threats is quite less. On the other hand the users are not aware of the ways, in which the threat posed by software can become known. The free games and application websites on the internet are often the sources of virus and malware. Methods of Spreading Awareness

Spreading awareness about information security in today’s world is an important part of any body trying to establish security. Security at basic level requires interest and awareness on the part of the users. Posters, trinkets, and websites are often used as source of information technology awareness tools. All these tools have their pros and cons depending upon their mobility, their attractiveness and the amount of impact they have on the people making use of them. Another aspect is how frequently they can be updated to provide information (Gudena 2008). The success of the method can be measured on the basis of the following factors: The method used should be able to make its point to as many people as possible; larger the number of people who can you the source, better is its capability to propagate information. The method used should be able to attract attention of its users. The method should be such that the user must pay attention and should be able to absorb the importance of the information being propagated....
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