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1. Introduction 3
2. Definition of self-nude-shooting 3
3. Reasons of the popularity of self-nude-shooting 4-6 4. Social impact of self-nude-shooting 7-8
5. Mindset of posting or sharing the photos/videos 9
6. The views from different parties in the society 10-11 7. Concluding remarks 12
8. References 13
9. Appendix 13


Definition of self-nude-shooting:
Self nude-shooting means individual records his/her nude body via some kinds of medium, such as cameras. And the body is shown on photos or videos.

Reasons of the popularity of self-nude-shooting:

It is found that self-nude-shooting is popular in Hong Kong. The reasons behind has been classified in 4 areas, which are the advancing technology, culture and people belief, the psychological condition of teenagers altered by puberty, and the satisfaction of sexual desires and misunderstandings between couples.

* Advancing technology
Self-nude-shooting can be carried out through several medium, such as taking photos or recording videos. When people still need a traditional camera to take photos, they needed to print the photo in shop. Compare to nowadays, people can take pictures or videos simply by a digital camera, webcam or even mobile phones and then upload to their own computer as personal collection. This big progress has encouraged people to make a record on any “memorable” moments. What’s more, the privacy has increased theoretically, thus, people would like to take photos with less ethical limits. This has explained how self-nude-shooting appears.

Furthermore, communicating tool is well-developed and widely used these days. Besides putting photos into photo album, people share their photos online. They can post photos in some photo-sharing websites including blogs such as Xanga and YahooBlog, online albums like and Fotop.Net. If they want more interaction from others, they can even upload to the social networking website like Facebook and MySpace. If people post some striking photos, it can attract others’ attentions and get a higher click rate. Some people may gain fulfillment when people are interested in their photos. * Culture and people belief

The culture of a society has affected people thinking and belief. It is found that self-nude-shooting is popular especially in teenagers. After our discussion, we think that celebrity endorsement has a major impact on people. Edison Chan, the actor, is one of the infamous self-nude-shooting stars in Hong Kong. Even though the media has a cruel criticize towards his behavior, some of the teenagers view his doing as a heroic manner. Some teens appreciate his bravery.

* The psychological condition of teenagers altered by puberty Puberty has a great impact on teenagers’ mental condition. During puberty, gonad will produce varies of hormones such estrogen and androgen which stimulate growth and maturate the reproductive system. What’s more, the hormones also affect the emotion.

During adolescence, teenagers are more likely to make friends. They started to view their friends and influencing one another. They hope they are be respected and not to be alone. In order to join the peer group, they are asked to behave similarly. This also creates the peer pressure. For example, if their friends are doing self-nude-shooting, they maybe also asked to do it to show their friendship.

* The satisfaction of sexual desires and misunderstandings between couples Teenagers are usually curious about the opposite sex. Therefore, their lovers may be the first sources to explore the sex directly. It is found that the people tend to think...
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