Influence of Pta on School Adminsitration

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1.1Background to the Study
Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a public or private school. Most public and private schools in Nigeria have a PTA, a Parent Teacher Organization. The goal of all parent-teacher groups is to support their schools, encourage parent involvement, support teachers, and organize family events. The school organization, administration and management has become sophisticated and complex to the extent that governments alone cannot handle, problems ranging from students unrest, poor attendance to schools and drop out especially among female students could be solved with the assistance of the (home) parent Teachers’ Association. Public schools require effective community support, hence the need to establish a well organized Parent-Teacher’s Association in our primary schools cannot be over emphasized.

School Advisory Boards were established in schools to assist in solving issues related to the administration and management of education. However, it was observed that School Advisory Boards were not effective since they were regarded as a mere consultative body on certain disciplinary cases. Another reason could be that, there was no much interaction between the schools and Advisory Boards.

Communities are supposed to play important role in influencing the school since they regard each other as partners. However, schools have been holding the community performance in the school with suspicion as observed by Musaazi (1984:242) that parents consider the job of teachers as merely instruction in the classroom not organizing productive activities in the village or doing other community development, type of activities. Teachers do sometimes reject the idea of having local villagers (parents) to participate in managing the schools. This kind of feeling among the teachers has therefore made parents to regard the school only as a modern creation exclusively meant for only those with Western Education and hence the ordinary parents with no such type of education were therefore not expected to participate in its activities.

Government seemed incapable to shoulder the entire educational burden alone, the government therefore need to involve parents and Parent Teacher Association actively in the management of primary schools in the Federal Capital Territory.

Parent-Teacher Association has a very long history in Federal capital Territory. The association developed from within the parents themselves in their attempt to be involved in the management and administration of schools in the Federal Capital Territory it was observed that the activity of the association has been characterized with mere fund raising at the expense of other important roles. The role of Parent-Teacher Associations ought to extend beyond mere financial contributions to include policy making in primary schools management most especially in areas, such as curriculum change and other educational development. The intent of this research is to explore in to the problem that surrounds the role of parent teacher association the management of schools in Federal Capital Territory. 1.2Statement of the Problem

There are insinuations from certain quarters that the PTAs interfere negatively with the administration of schools. Many private schools for instance will rather operate without a PTA to check the perceived undue interferences of parents. However, it is thought by some that PTAs play a rather significant role in the running of schools. The study therefore will examine the financial contributions to schools by Parent-Teacher Association, parents’ involvement in the students’ academic activities as well as parents’ involvement in the social activities of the schools in order to understand the contributions of PTA to the development of primary education in the country. The study intends to...
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