Influence of Aristotle to Dante Alighieri Is Prevailent in His Works

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  • Published: September 7, 2012
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Dante continually refers to Aristotle as the “master” or the “great philosopher” in most of his non-fictional works like the De Monarchia. The foundation of Dante’s philosophy is said to be founded from the teachings of St. Aquinas and St. Augustine because Dante’s idea of a universal ruler is based from St. Aquinas’ idea “that the church exercises its authority over kings and princes” and St. Augustine’s idea that “the church approximates and mystically reflects the city of God in the afterlife”. Although Dante always referred to Aristotle as the greatest philosopher and used his ideas quite often, Dante’s beliefs deviate from that of Aristotle in different fields. This deviation may have come as Dante had several other philosophers before him like St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine to base some of his ideas from whereas Aristotle had only his teacher Plato, Socrates and a handful of philosophers to source his ideas from. In this respect, Dante can be rightfully being named the heir of Aristotle just as Aristotle is heir to Plato and Plato is to Socrates. Dante’s unique approach to philosophy and how he managed to based his ideas on several philosophers before him yet still retain the uniqueness of his work fascinated the researcher and inspired him to seek how Dante had derived his ideas from the great philosopher Aristotle and how he developed Aristotle’s ideas as one of his own. Readers are expected to discover how Dante used Aristotle ideas and how Dante derived unique ideas from them and how Dante managed to innovate and develop Aristotle’s ideas as one of his own through a deep analysis of every idea of Dante whose foundation is derived directly or indirectly to Aristotle. The researcher created an analytical paper that featured this connection and expounded mainly on how Dante “dantenized” the ideas of Aristotle....
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