Topics: United States, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Infidelity within the United States of America
Within the United States of America, it is illegal to have any form of sexual relations with anyone other than the person to whom one is legally married to. This voluntary act is known as adultery. Though such sexual practices predates this historical period, it was stated that the term, adultery, originated from the era of Abraham. As a result, the disciplinary practices are still being executed in some cultures and countries, while other practices entailed it being modernized to take such an offense to the courts. Adultery is considered a felony in some states in the US, but there is no federal law against infidelity. As defined, infidelity is a breach of an expectation of sexual and or emotional exclusivity expressed or implied in an intimate relationship, whether it may be physically or emotionally intimate (defined by Wikipedia). As one may observe, there is a clear distinction between infidelity and adultery. Adultery is within a legally confined relationship, while infidelity is dependent on the type of relationship, not necessarily being legally married to someone. In other words, pre-historically disciplinary actions was a result of infidelity and more violent actions were demonstrated, while modern times demonstrates more along the lines of both offenses, infidelity and adultery, but disciplinary actions are a lot more civilized and less barbaric. From pre-historical times to the present, one was seriously reprimanded, or even prosecuted for executing such an offensive act as adultery. Women were usually the only ones to receive such harsh punishments, such as harassment, abuse, or even death. Once caught being directly or indirectly in any form of sexual relations with a married man, or a man other than one have devoted faithfully, the woman was seen to be in the wrong more than the male counterpart. As a result, the woman must always be faithful to her male partner, regardless of any personal disputes...
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