Infection Control Case Study

Topics: Respirator, Infectious disease, Hygiene Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Infection Control Case Study

If it is suspected tuberculosis then Mr. Vargas should be isolated. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease transmitted by suspended droplet nuclei or residue in air during coughing or sneezing, talking or come in contact with a susceptible host. He needs to be placed in a private room with negative-pressure airflow through a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Since he would be under airborne precautions, when he is being transported he would have to wear a surgical mask to protect staff and other patients. Once in his room, whenever the nurse needs to reenter, she must always wear a N95 respirator or surgical mask. As with all patients, proper hand hygiene is always necessary before and after dealing with the patient. The nurse would make sure to wear gloves when expect to come in contact with bodily fluids or mucus secretions. The gloves would be discarded in the room. Protective eyewear and gown is only necessary if splashing is expected depending on the procedure that needs to be performed. The nurse would also make sure to only take her mask off when she is out of the room. The nurse would explain to the client and his family what the suspected diagnosis is and notify them that they would have to wear a specific mask when coming in close contact with Mr. Vargas. This explanation of isolation would be helpful especially to the client because patients in isolation could feel abandoned and depressed. They need to understand the therapeutic purpose of the isolation and the main goal is to prevent further infection. The nurse should also warn the family that the mask may make them feel smothered and if they feel like that while in the room they should step outside and then take it off. Also tell them that they should never reuse a disposable mask and if it becomes moist they should get a new one. The nurse should also educate them about proper hand hygiene before and after entering the room and while in the room to avoid...
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