Adult Crown Recement

Topics: Patient, Soft tissue, Physician Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Adult Crown Re-cement

Before the dentist can carry out any treatments, I have to prepare the surgery. I put on my gloves and wipe down the spittoon, light, chair and work surfaces with hard surface disinfectant wipes. This is done to help prevent cross contamination. I get the patients records up on the computer and check the patient’s record and medical history. I do this to make sure the patient is not allergic to any medications that will be used in the re-cementing of the crown. I would also make available any radiographs. I make are that the patient has a signed consent form. I now set out the equipment, instruments, and materials that are required for this treatment. These include:

Safety glasses – PPE
Gloves – PPE
Mask – PPE
Large aspirator tip – retract soft tissues and to maintain a clear field of view •Saliva ejector – to maintain a clear field of view
Paper towel – decontaminating and making sure the patient remains comfortable •Cup of water – rinsing the mouth
Probe – to feel areas of a tooth
Mirror – reflects light
Flat plastic – placing materials
Articulating paper – checking of the occlusal surface
College tweezers – hold and carry things. E.g. cotton wool pellets •Prosthetic disinfectant – to disinfect the crown
Cotton rolls – retract soft tissue
Mixing pad – to mix the cement on
Mixing spatula – mixing cement
Dental floss – clearing the interdental between teeth
excavator – cleaning old cement
hand scalar – removing excess cement

I wash my hands and then call the patient into the surgery. Once the patient is sat in the chair, I put on the bib and safety glasses on the patient. I put on my own safety glasses, mask and gloves.

the dentist asked to see the detached crown and looks in the patients mouth where crown has come from, this is to assess if the crown can be re –cemented back in. on this occasion the crown can be re-cemented in. the dentists uses the excavator to remove...
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