Ineffective Management

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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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Ineffective Management

Jacqui K. McLeish

How many times in the work place does the “water cooler” conversation centers around how much the employees resent their boss? The gripes and complaints vary among offices but the one common complaint is about adequate management skills or lack thereof. Inefficient management is just as destructive as any other ineffective performance trait on a team and will certainly have an impact on the bottom line. Ineffective management can adversely affect employee turnover, quality of work, morale, customer satisfaction and the final impression about an organization. First we need to consider an individual’s management style; most managers fall under one of three management styles: Participatory, Directing & Team Work. Participatory Management allows for the manager to give the employee a sense of purpose and allow them to understand where they fit into the scheme of the project. This keeps the employees motivated to the tasks at hands. Directing Management is sometimes considered cold, but it is beneficial to impart to the employee the basics of what the tasks is and when it needs to be completed. Quick responses and directives are needed from the manager if an issue arises. Team Work Management allows the manager to collaborate with employees and get input and feedback while optimizing the pool of talent at hand. Participatory and Team Work management keeps employees informed, soliciting their input, making sure everyone has a fair shot at expressing an opinion. Ineffective managers who fail to properly utilize a participatory style can interfere with the employs feeling of worth. A hands-off manager may not realize that his failure to provide any direction or feedback makes him/her a bad boss. He may think he’s empowering his staff and unfortunately he/she does not show the way to employees. People are internally motivated and when ineffective managers fail to coach and evaluate the results of the...
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