Industrial Tour

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January 27th 2013
Head of Student Affairs
Apex College, Mid-Baneshwor
Kathmandu, Nepal

Subject - Regarding Industrial Tour 2013.

Dear Sir\Madam,
There has been a trend in Apex College which now has changed into the culture i.e. Apex College provides opportunities for its student for the Industrial tour at the end of the bachelors graduation. Thus, following the culture set up by our seniors, we, the students of Superb have planned to go for Industrial tour this February immediately after the board exam of sixth semester. For this purpose a package is made by us.

The packages includes:-

i) Lodging
ii) Fooding &
iii) Transportation

Approximate of 22 -25 students of superb section will be taking part in the tour. The daily details of the tour have been given on next page:- Tour Duration: 9 days

Day| Route Place| Fooding for 25 students| Lodging for 25 students| 1 night 2 days| Hetauda| Rs 25,000| Rs 8,000|
2 night 3 days| Birgunj/ Simra| Rs 25,000| Rs 16,000|
1 night 2 days| Janakpur| Rs 25,000| Rs 8,000|
2 night 3 days| Biratnagar| Rs 25,000| Rs 16,000|
Back to Kathmandu| Kathmandu| Total- Rs 100,000| Total- Rs 48,000|

We have arranged transportation Facilities for a daily basis excluding diesel cost for Rs 10,000.We have arranged our industrial tour for nine days. Our diesel cost will be around Rs 14,000 for travelling 1400km.In total our transportation cost incurred will be Rs 1, 04,000. We would like to request our college to provide us with the necessary transportation cost for our industrial tour as mention above. We are really thankful to our college for providing us with this opportunity to obtain practical knowledge on real working scenario of different industries in Nepal. It will broaden our knowledge on different management skills implied practically that was lacking in our program.

Yours Sincerely,
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