Industrial Revolution Dbq

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Mass production Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Industrial Revolution DBQ

The Industrial Revolution greatly increased the production of goods. It began in England on the 1700s. Factories were built in clusters and were built near water for their power. The Industrial Revolution had many negative and positive effects, but the negative effects outweighed the positive effects. The Industrial Revolution had many positive effects. It created jobs for many people, less people were on the streets with no job. It gave people hope in improvement in their life. People had jobs now that paid money and since so many people had jobs, more products were produced. This lead to cheaper, mass produced items, so many products were produced that the prices decreased and people were able to afford new thing like clothes and other things they wanted. In the picture from the 1900s showing a man in nice clothes with a shiny car. The man doesn't have rag clothes, it's a nice suit with no rips or tears. With long term positive effects, child labor laws have been produced. Because of all the injuries children went through during the Industrialization, laws have been made to make working conditions better and kids can't work until a certain age. The Industrial Revolution had many negative effects. One negative effect was injuries and death on the job. In the Testimony, by Joseph Hebergam, Hambergam was a man who is sick and he is talking to a man about how he caught his illness by damaged lungs and his leg muscles won't function properly and will not support the weight of his bones. He also talks about how he will die in a year. In the testimony he explains how he received the illness from the dust in the factories and from overworking and insufficient diet. Then the man goes into talking how his brother died from a cut from a machine and died of infection. Another negative effect would be that people's life-spans decreased, a lot. The average life-span for a farm workers was 38, the average for a factory worker was...
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