Industrial Revolution

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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This essay is about the story of antigone ,I wrote it about the whole story about what she died and about crean and what they did and how they died.Atigone is siters with ismene and she has a brother named creon. Antigone, the sister of Polyneices, decides to bury her brother despite the death penalty for doing so established by Creon. When Antigone is caught in the act, Creon sentences her to death by surrounding her "in a vault of stone... in the wilderness" despite the fact that Antigone is his niece and his son, Haimon's, fianc . Creon thinks so highly of himself and his law that he doesn't take into account who has committed the crime or for what reasons and punishes Antigone according to his law. In the eyes of Creon, he can only see that an anarchist has defied him and therefore is punishable by death. When Haimon goes to reason with his father about Antigone's unreasonable sentence, Creon tells him that "a man of ...his years and experience should not ...go to school to a boy". From this statement it's clear that Creon has excessive pride because he sees his son as an immature boy while he's a grown, intelligent man when he's the one being unreasonable. Further into the play, the blind prophet, Teirasias, deliberately goes to the king to warn him of the severe consequences of his actions after seeing a sign from heaven that the gods were angry. In response, Creon disregards him and even accuses Teirasias of telling false predictions for money when he says that "the generation of prophets have always loved gold"). The warning was obvious that Creon was going receive punishment for his actions but his pride overpowered him. As a result of his arrogance, Creon paid no attention to reason or warnings and caused him to live in a world outside of reality. At the end, Creon attempted to mend his mistakes by burying Polyneices and freeing Antigone from her vault of stone but all was too late. Antigone had...
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