Downfall of Creon

Topics: Tragic hero, Oedipus, Sophocles Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Lisa Smith
English 10
6 February 2013
The Downfall of Creon
Throughout our lives, we humans will encounter experiences which will teach us that occasionally our sense of judgment may not always be the best. We will learn that our mistakes can have very negative outcomes that cannot be changed. A good example of this is shown through the character of Creon, who clearly demonstrates all of the five components of a tragic hero, which is why he is considered the tragic hero of the play Antigone.

Every tragic hero has tragic flaws, and Creon’s most obvious flaw would have to be hubris. Hubris is when a character shows an error in judgment, and Creon demonstrated this when he says, “…This girl is guilty of a double insolence, Breaking the given laws and boasting of it…” (P. 1036) In this quote, Creon shows poor judgment on the situation of Antigone burying her brother by viewing it as law-breaking rather than a passionate gesture. He also shows poor judgment when he says, “…That these two sisters were aiming at my throne!...” (P.1038) In this quote he is blaming Antigone’s sister, as well as Antigone, even though Antigone is the only one who broke the law.

As the story progresses, Creon experiences a change in fortune. “…And curses will be hurled at you from far…” (P. 1054) This quote shows that the tables have now turned, and Creon is at stake to be punished if he does not fix what he has created. Another quote that demonstrates Anderson 2

Creon’s change in fortune is when Teiresias tells Creon, “You should be able to yield for your own good...” (P. 1053) which implies that consequences lie ahead. As the play carries out, you also realize that Creon is experiencing a change in fortune when the messenger says, “…Creon was happy once… And now it has all gone from him!...” (P. 1057) Every tragic hero’s actions cause downfall, which is exactly what happened with Creon’s actions. When Creon tries to fix the problem by giving Polyneices a proper burial and by not...
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