Industrial Impact on Automobiles after China Joined the WTO

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Impact on automobiles industrial after China joined the WTO

Changes in quantities lead to changes in qualities. China is now kind of the largest market in the world, and when it is open to the whole world, the whole international market changes a lot. China has joined the WTO on Dec 11, 2001. When 1.3 billion people joined into an open market, there are many people and counties benefit from this event. Car trading is my project. Since china joined into the WTO, everything is expected to increase, like GDP, imports and exports, industrial growth, international trades, etc. Especially, the automobiles industrial is growing fast. And as our neighbor, also the world second largest automobiles produce country, Japan’s car production also should increase as well. However, it almost stays the same for 8 years.

It is an important event for China and the whole world to become a member of WTO at the beginning of 21st century. It has opened China's market to the world. The membership of WTO could push China's economy forward and expand China's markets too. Increasing imports and exports, growing GDP, technical development, there are many positives for China. On the other hand, considering the competition from foreign company and techniques, it probably destroy the local firms and factories, especially the car industrial.

China’s economy has grown approximately 10% per year over the past 18 years. And in that time, the automobiles industrial has grown fast too. The total output increased from 1627 thousands in 1998 to 5708 thousands in 2005. And imports of automobiles have increased after China joined the WTO. China is currently the largest car market in the world. Since there is such a large market is now open to the world, china’s imports, Japan’s total output of automobiles should increase immediately and quickly right after China became the member of WTO.

I assume that after china became the member of WTO, the domestic car industrial of China and its imports...
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