European Cars Are Better Than Japanese

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Owais Siddiqui

The automobile industry has a major role to play in today’s economy. It has certainly made lives easier. Cars have become an essential use. Today more than half of the world’s population owns cars. There are many different types of cars to choose from in this new technological world. When consumers buy cars they have various needs that range from good comfort, longer mileage, or speed. Some cars are not commercially sold; they are just for racing, off-roading. Each vehicle differs greatly in design. The design is specialized to cater to the specific needs of a consumer. Every country in the world manufactures its own cars, whether it is Japan, America or Europe. European cars are vastly superior to Japanese cars when examining performance, design and safety. The key feature that makes European cars better than all other cars is performance. Performance of a care is judge by how well the, brakes, suspension, traction, transmission and engine work. When European car manufacturers talks about performance they are referring to power generated by the car. European cars manufacturers combine all the aspects of performance to create an extraordinarily spectacular engine, which has maximum horse power and torque. Some European cars engines are hand-built, which helps delivers performance at a perfect level. Power from the engine has to be delivered to the wheels; transmission plays a vital role in delivering the power and speed from the engine to wheels. Car manufacturers in Europe develop a transmission system which is particularly adept at applying output so that it can be delivered quickly, smoothly and efficiently when called upon. European car manufacturers are especially renowned for their designs, because their designs allow precision in handling, efficiency in engine performance and good brakes. An efficient power output of the engine leads to an increased maximum speed limit that the car can reach. To maximize the...
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