Industrial Attachment Report (@ Unicem, Calabar)

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Report on
Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

United Cement Company of Nigeria, LTD
Mfamosing plant, Calabar

Prepared By:
11 February, 2012



My gratitude goes to the United Cement Company of Nigeria Ltd staff that imparted their vast knowledge and so much assisted me during my industrial attachment. It is through their valued support that I was able to enjoy my attachment. Many heartfelt thanks for their support.

Many thanks go to the management and the rest of the staff at United Cement Company of Nigeria Ltd for their unwavering support and for giving me a chance to be part of the Unicem family.

I would also like to extent my heartfelt gratitude to my family members for their invaluable support (moral and otherwise) throughout my attachment. I truly thank the Lord Almighty for the opportunity of a memorable fruitful period at United Cement Company of Nigeria Ltd.


This report summarizes the author’s real-life experiences in a working environment with real operational structures that he went through at United Cement Company of Nigeria Ltd. The duration of the attachment was three months, which were spent in the Mechanical Engineering department which is made up of: 1. Raw mill section

2. Kiln section
3. Cement mill section
4. Parking Plant
Data was gathered through carrying out specific tasks, sharing ideas and observation. The main goal behind this report is to give the conceptual view of the department and how it fits in the overall performance of the firm. The intention of this report is give a brief background of the industrial attachment programme as well as to give a report of the host company, its history and core business after which we then move on to recommendations and conclusions.

Acknowledgements --------IV
Chapter One
Introduction to the company of placement---1
1.1Background of The Company-----1
1.2UNICEM’s products -------1
1.3How Cement is produced------2
1.4Health and safety-------5
1.5Expectations and industrial reality----5
Chapter Two
Work related learning assignments-----7
2.1Mechanical Engineering department---7
2.2Relevance of theory to practice----8
2.3 Personal and professional development---12
2.3.1 New skills acquired-------12
Chapter Three
3.1Recommendations to FUTO-----14
3.2Recommendations to Unicem-----15

Chapter one
Introduction to the company of placement
This chapter introduces the United Cement Company of Nigeria Ltd and its background. The Company’s vision, mission and goals are explored.

1.1Background of The Company
UNICEM is a young, private limited liability company owned by Nigerian Cement Holding B.V. (NCH) and Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc. NCH is majority owned by global shareholders, who are also the leaders in the field of cement manufacture, viz. Lafarge S.A and In July 2009 all production was consolidated at the Mfamosing cement plant, which has an annual capacity of 2.5 million tons of cement per annum and a kiln output of 6,250 tons/day. Raw materials are mined on site, thereby streamlining the manufacturing process.

1.2UNICEM’s products and services
The Mfamosing plant produces cement to meet the demand in the South-South and South-East regions of Nigeria. Their product is sold in 50kg bags and in bulk quantities. UniCem cement is characterized by its high tensile strength and rapid setting properties and complies with the NIS 444-1:2003 standard. UniCem manufactures Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), CEM 1 for use in general construction and building...
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