Industiral Revolution

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Essay Questions #1. What were the basic features of the new industrial system created by the Industrial Revolution, and what effects did the new system have on urban life, social classes, family life, and standards of living? Student Contribution #1:

I. Basic features of new industrial system
a. Organization of labor
b. New work disciplines
c. Skill specialization
d. Transportation system and manufacturing technologies

II. Effects of the features
a. Urban life
i. Encouraged urbanization
ii. Built small towns close to urban factories
b. Social classes
i. Created more hierarchy within society
ii. Fostered creation of new social classes
c. Family life
i. Changed roles for women and children
ii. Children worked in the factories rather than attend school or stay at home iii. Child workers often worked longer hours than the parents d. Standards of living
i. Created higher quality goods quicker and less expensive ii. Led to lower quality of living
e. Society
i. Supported population growth
1. Reduced deaths to foreign wars
2. Increased emigration of other countries
ii. Created better public health policies
The rise of industrial society in the West was linked to three historical events. 1) The Protestant Work Ethic which stated that heaven was the reward for working hard. Industrial societies required many people to work hard for little earthly reward, so it was cheaper for the industrialists to have people working for a heavenly reward. 2) The Scientific Revolution which led to advances in technology and development of machines to make industrial production possible, efficient, and profitable. 3) Autocratic political systems and a strong sense of nationalism which gave countries the structure and motivation to produce goods and services for the glory of the king and the nation. There were other...
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