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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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1.Explain why the Northeast became the first industrial center of the United States and why the South lagged in economic industrialization.

2.Explain why the United States was a full generation behind Britain and Europe in the industrialization of its economy.

3.In what specific ways did the American government contribute to and promote industrial growth and economic expansion in the early nineteenth century?

4.What was the impact of industry, urbanization, and the transportation revolution on American agriculture?

5.Summarize the impact of the industrial revolution on American labor, on the rich and the poor, and on families and home life.

6.Write your definition of revolution. Then use this definition to argue that the industrial revolution was or was not a revolutionary event.

7. Explain the part played by each of the following in the industrialization of the American economy: technology, immigration, investment, government aid, and internal improvements.

8.Rank the following in terms of their contribution to industrialization: cotton gin, principle of interchangeable parts, Erie Canal. Justify your ranking.

9. Identify the single most significant development in (a) manufacturing technology, (b) transportation, (c) communications technology, and (d) business organization that encouraged industrialization in the United States. Explain your choice in each category.

10. List the five most important inventions of the early nineteenth century and rank them in order of importance. Justify your ranking.

11. .How can it be argued that the Erie Canal was the single most important accomplishment contributing to economic expansion prior to the coming of the railroad?

12. The text’s authors claim that on the eve of the Civil War, “a truly continental economy had emerged…[in which] the principle of division of labor…applied on a national scale.” Briefly explain the operation of this “national” economy and...
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