Individual Development Plan

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Name: Steve Dowler Individual Development Plan for Module Code:

Your IDP is for you to devise your own SMART(ER) objectives, with short, mid and long term goals, using feedback from observers, mentors, peers, tutors, and your self-evaluations. These objectives can also be linked to the course requirements as relevant. This might mean that you note which of your objectives are related to course elements such as the module criteria and Assessed Learning Outcomes, Minimum Core elements and Professional Standards.

SMART(ER) objectives are generally defined as:

SpecificThey say clearly and exactly what you mean, exactly what you want to achieve.

Measurable They can be measured and used to evidence that you’ve reached your goal – indicate how you will know this.

Achievable/Attainable They are something you can reach within the duration of the target (e.g. over 4 weeks, a term)

Realistic/RelevantIs something you can take action on and which is appropriate

Time-related/boundSet a deadline: be realistic, clear and reflective.

EvaluatedReflect and appraise what is of value, ready to review and revise your IDP as needed

RecordedKeep track of what, where, when, how, who and why!

|Current roles and responsibilities | | | |Counter Balance Forklift Truck and Telescopic Materials Handler Truck Instructor. Health and Safety Instructor for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme Site card. | |I undertake course development, lesson planning, class instruction, one to one tutoring and assessment. I have full responsibility for the course, its maintenance, candidate selection, security and | |sustainability. I have a free reign on curriculum as long as the syllabus is fully integrated. |

|Long term goals in relation to current module/s | | | |To develop my own skills and knowledge of instruction and become a more effective teacher, by completion of the Cert Ed course July 2009. | |To increase the opportunity of the learners by intensifying the broader learning available within my curriculum by 2010. | |To add to the potential of the present curriculum by including more real life apparatus into the course. The introduction of industrial racking by September 09. |

|Current development activities, progress and outcomes |

|Specific Objective |Development activity |Relevant Links |Target date/Review Date |Current progress and outcomes | | |e.g. lesson planning, observations,...
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