Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan
Elizabeth Sharnazyan
Walden University

Professional Development Plan
I did not understand the value and the importance of education until I migrated to America. Coming to America, not only did I get culture shock, but I realized that I could not survive in this country without education. However, to raise my children, I would not rely on the government. I had to start from the beginning by learning ABCs, words, and grammar. This was very difficult to do because I already had my Master’s in Mathematics from my native country. I received my Associate of Science in Mathematics in June 2002 at Los Angeles City College. I continued my education and received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in June 2006 at Cal State University. It took me years and years finally get to where I am today. I made countless sacrifices, but it has been one of the most gratifying and important decisions I had made in my whole life. Now I am pursuing my education to get DBA at Walden University. I have enjoyed my experiences working at some extraordinary teaching positions in the Mathematics field. My resume is as diverse as it can get, anywhere from working as a tutor at Los Angeles City College to a Mathematics instructor at Los Angeles Mission College, American Career College and in DeVry University. I look forward to continuing training with a positive attitude towards becoming a Dean to mentor my students and teachers. My goal and focus is the student’s outcome. I am still learning how to balance all the important aspects of my life and career. I had to come up with a concrete plan; my children had a mother, and still integrate my professional goals into everyday life. I’ve set goals and wanted to make sure I did not stress and burn-out myself. I needed to establish a formal structure to ensure success. I made time for self-evaluation, reflection, and affirmation, keeping in mind that time-management skills were a must in the process. By making adjustments I knew I could take on more, I added more responsibilities at home, work, and school to become more established. S.W.O.T. Analysis


Pursuing my DBA at Walden University will allow me to have professional growth and help bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. Knowing my weak points or what I have the most difficulty with, Walden University will help me in my educational and personal goals. I will continue being a mathematics instructor while I am studying. This will be very challenging but motivational at the same time. Walden University online classes will be another experience that will mold me into a Dean and good role model for my family and friends. My secret to success has been being aware of my strengths and weakness. To have self confidence, and not to doubt if I am smart enough, has been my strength to pursue doing what I love. Knowing your strengths can affect, thee success in all parts of life. As a child, I wanted to become a doctor like many others. In 1981, I started to attend university, and while working on my general education courses I realized that my strength is in mathematics, and I did not have a passion for being a doctor. It is never too late to change your major or career. In 1993, while I was taking ESL (English as a Second Language) courses I started taking mathematics again. I took mathematics courses not to learn math but to learn the terms and mathematics language in English. As I continued, I discovered my strengths and knew I had a lot to contribute. My Instructors seeing this confidence and strength in me offered me a position in the math lab as a tutor. Strength and passion I was developing motivated me to continue and become known as the best tutor in the math department. Working every day with students and instructors I had a solid base for a career. I had students that I helped with not only with mathematics but also strength and self confidence. Asking me...
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