Individual Countries Do Not Have Right to Interfere with the Affairs of Another Countries

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Individual countries do not have right to interfere with the affairs of another countries.

Good relations among countries are essential to avoid conflicts and wars. Countries should not turn its back on each other and join to build common projects. However, some countries seem to prefer isolating from the rest of the world, harming often the well-being of their inhabitants. What should other countries do in such cases?

To begin with, each country has its own own cultural values and traditions which must obviously be respected. On the other hand powerful countries spread their ideas worldwide in different ways. Internet is clearly the main mean, and as a result, many countries are at risk of losing its identity, absorbed by the economic power of other countries with a culture probably poorer. The fact that 100 languages have disappeared from 2001 illustrates this point.

In addition to this, and in a very different form, some countries believe they have the right and the duty to defend the world from 'dangerous countries': communists, terrorists or which hide weapons of mass destruction. These individual countries interfere with the affairs of another country getting to the point of declaring war. History has many sad examples of this.

In contrast other countries that need international assistance do not receive it. Some African countries have been at civil war for years, and in some other their inhabitants live without respect of human rights. Organizations, like Amnesty International, claim this fact.

In today's world, it is incredible that individual countries interfere strongly with the affairs of another country, unless they only wanted to protect human rights using primarily information or education, never the war. In conclusion, I am inclined to believe that other types of harder actions in another country must be carried out with the agreement of the international community, and not being the individual decision of the government of a...
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