Rogerian Argument Outline

Topics: Intervention, Dispute resolution, Art intervention Pages: 3 (461 words) Published: April 23, 2013
I. Paragraph One: Introduction

external intervention by the international committee and world powers like the United States into the national affairs of warring nations is essential for domestic conflict resolution.

Opposing view:
Warring nations should be responsible for their own domestic conflicts and find ways to resolve them. Others nations should limit their intervention to just the mediation of peace talks.

Writer’s view:
External military and diplomatic intervention has been the key to solving major civil conflicts and preventing possible genocides in countries such as sierra Leone and Libya while people in countries such as Rwanda and currently in Syria endure the worst because of the blind eye or unwillingness to react to atrocities against humanity by the international community. Problem:

Key terms:

II. Paragraph Two: Summary of the Opposing View’s Position

Main point A:
Each nation must be self-responsible for their domestic conflict and find ways to resolve it.

Main point B:
The cost incurred in the form of lost military lives and equipment on the intervening nations is mostly too much. The cost of funding these wars can easily get out of hands as conflicts tend to last longer than mostly anticipated.

Main point C:

III. Paragraph Three: Statement of Validity
(Why their view must be valid,

IV. Paragraph Four: Summary of the Writer’s Position

Main point A:
Innocent civilians in Nations such as Liberia and Sierra Leone endured decades of war. Only after massive intervention by the international committee were these conflicts resolved. The same can be said for Libya and currently in DR. Congo.

Main point B:
However, the same cannot be said for countries such Rwanda or Bosnia where modern genocide occurred under the watch of the international committee.

Main point C:
Despite all the daily reports and evidence coming from Syria,...
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