Individual Case Study

Topics: Nursing, Nursing diagnosis, Omaha System Pages: 5 (824 words) Published: June 2, 2012
Individual Case Study Assignment
Tammy Boone
University of Phoenix
NUR/403 Theories and Models of Nursing Practice
November 7, 2011
Mary McGill

Individual Case Study

Nursing diagnoses may relate to physical, emotional, psychosocial, and cultural needs.

|List five factors of patient history that |Age of patient | |demonstrates nursing needs: |Multiple births | | |Educational background, only completing 9th grade | | |Culture (recent immigrant) | | |No support system ( no family or friends nearby) | |State three nursing diagnoses, using taxonomy of|EGO Integrity-Risk for relocation stress syndrome | |NANDA, formatted using PES, prioritized, and |Depression related to lack of emotional support manifested by patient interview. | |individualized, based on the Case Study: |Social Interaction-Risk for loneliness. | | |Loneliness related to recent relocation, lack of family and friends, manifested by | | |patient interview. | | |Teaching & Learning-Knowledge deficit related to educational background. | | |Knowledge deficit related to multiple pregnancies prior to the age of 20. | |For each nursing diagnosis, state two to three |EGO Integrity-Risk for relocation stress syndrome: | |NOCs from the Label & Definitions list for each |1212 Stress level-severity of manifested physical or mental tensions resulting from | |nursing diagnosis. Include the Label, number, and|factors that alter an existing equilibrium. | |definition. State the specific desired outcome, |1409 Depression: Self control personal actions to minimize melancholy and maintain | |with an identified timeframe for each NOC: |interest in life events. | | | | | |Social Interaction-Risk for loneliness: | | |1504 Social Support-Reliable assistance | | |from others. | | |1203 Loneliness Severity: Severity of emotional social or existential isolation | | |response. | | |Teaching & Learning-Knowledge deficit related to educational background: | | |1821 Knowledge: Conception prevention extent of understanding conveyed about | | |prevention and unintended pregnancy. | | |3012 Client Satisfaction: Teaching extent of positive perception of instruction | |...
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