India on the Move

Topics: Suicide, Developed country, United States Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: January 28, 2013

This is about a recent report, I saw in NDTV. The report was really shocking and really shaken me thoroughly. The report is talking about small farmers in the Vidarbh region (Near Nagpur) committing suicide because they could not sustain the loan burden and could not survive from the agricultural income. In the last eight months around 400 farmers have committed suicide. This has become a daily occurrence. The government as usual just woken up and started its preliminary! Enquiries. Some time back the same thing happened in Andra pradesh. It also happened in Tamilnadu some time back, when rain failed and river kavery went dry. Now it is forgotten by every body including the Government.This calamity is happening in the Heart of India (Central India!) but no self- respecting national media is prepared to do a decent report on this (Except NDTV!). This has been largely left to the local print media, who, due to their lack of funds, could not raise much needed noise. I am not a farmer, so I cannot conclusively say, why agro business is failing in India.But what stuck me is the apathy of the Indian elite about this tragedy. In that NDTV report, the reporter goes around the fast developing (shining!) city of Nagpur (Which incidentally the notional capital of Vidarbh region) asking the young citizens who are having nice time in the bars and clubs, about this tragedy. The answers were pathetic. They all speak as if they living in New York and London. One guy doesn’t even know about Vidarbh region. Funny enough, most of the people are locals who have born and brought up in Nagpur. Why? I don’t blame this generation alone. Because, they are only the end result. Then what is the root cause of this apathy? WE. We collectively failed. We are breeding a generation, who clearly don’t understand that there some 80% of the Indian population who live in the rural India. Now can you be sure that we are developing in the right direction....
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