Topics: India, Balance of trade, International economics Pages: 23 (8615 words) Published: January 9, 2013
ECN3000 International Trade
An “Emerging Market” Country


Final Report

Instructor:Mr. Dominique A. G. Jordan

Class: BBA 4

Group Members:-
* Huang Hsiang Yu, Rachael
* Ethan Wong Weng Keong
* Mah Hui Khoon, Yvonne
* Danaya Somnam

Submission Date:15 January 2011

Word Count: 7,399 words

Executive Summary1
Reason for Selection2
Country Background3
PESTLE Analysis5
Trade Balance15
Balance of Payments15
Exchange Rate Policy23
Rate of Economic Growth25

Executive Summary
This report aims to provide detailed analysis on India as a whole, internally and externally; while examining India’s history, politics, economy, social structure, technological advancements, legal systems, and environmental issues. Part of this analysis also includes looking into the past, present and future of India as a country. The report will include information regarding the background of India, as well as the reasoning behind choosing India as the country to base a report of such a massive scale on. Included in this will also be an analysis into the past, present and future of various issues tackled about India, such as:- * An environmental analysis of India, through the use of PESTLE and SWOT analytical methods. * An in-depth study into India’s financial health via the country’s balance of payments. * A report on the country’s trade balance, which is essentially how strong India is economically. * A look into India’s exchange rate policies and what governs them. * The growth rate of India’s economy and what potential does it hold. Various sources, such as internet media, journals, publications and news items will be utilized to ensure that this report will be as up to date and clearly presented as possible. The report will be then concluded with final thoughts about India as a player amongst BRICM countries, as well as the world in the near future that is 2025.

Reason for Selection
We chose India as the country to conduct our report on is because that India is making headlines in world news in the recent years, showing leaps and bounds in growth. If we also consider the country in terms of culture, India is also a star in a world that has been exposed to American culture most of its life, and that is why India is one of the countries set to become great. So much so, that a country like India has been placed in a group of countries with the same potential, which are the BRICM countries. Looking back into India’s long and rich history, we can also assume that its potential for greatness has been there since many years ago. Therefore, the main purpose of conducting this analysis is to understand India better; how it functions as a country, as well as the role it plays amongst the rest of the world. By doing so, one is able to forecast the future for this potential trendsetter among the various countries in the world.

Country Background
India is located near the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean on the south of its location. The country itself is a Peninsula. It is one of the largest countries in Asia, ranking right behind of Russia and China. With its 920 million people, and 3287263km square feet of the area, it is a very densely populated country. 15% of the population of the world is living in only 2% of the world’s space. India has number of big cities in its country, despite its big amount of big cities in its country, less than 30% of its population is living in its cities. Therefore, we could say that most of its population is still living in the suburb areas. Agriculture is the largest industry in India. Most of the supplies of food, employment and economy come from the supply of its crops such as rice, cotton, wheat and so...
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