Indept Interview on Psychology of Collector

Topics: Magazine, Convenience store, Fashion Pages: 4 (1425 words) Published: March 15, 2013
MKTG340 001 Ada, Fan Hio Tong
Background Review and Observation Notes on the first interview (Yen’s Interview) The second interview was constructed with an ordinary working person in the society, Yen. She works in Casino and she lives in a family of six including her beloved cat. Like many of the girls, she likes reading magazines. She even collects magazines as her habit. This collection has been doing for almost a year and will be continuing in the future. Her main collection is fashion magazines.

I went to her house and conducted the interview inside her bedroom. She is very nice and friendly to allow me to go to her bedroom and offers me some fruit juice to drink. Inside her bedroom, I can see lots of magazines under her bed. The space at the bottom is nearly being utilized by placing those magazines. She explained that her house is too small.

During the interview, she is very relaxed in talking about her experiences and thoughts while she is doing her mask. In addition, she seemed to bit a little bit distracted because her cat came inside and kept wandering around the room. That is why she often paused and thinks during the whole interview. Through her conversation, I can see that she is a very straight forward person who speaks what she thinks and she is very willing to share her experiences and stories during the interview.

In-depth Interview Summary 2 (Yen’s Interview)
A sense of changing when giving a step to the society
In talking about her turning point of collecting magazines, the norms in the society have affected a lot. She started her collection after her university graduation when she got her first job. She believed that it can help her to learn to become better-looking after having read the fashion magazines. This is because she thinks that when she stepped out to the society, appearance has a heavy weight in determining chances and people relationships. But why did she collect these magazines instead of just having a glance...
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