Incredible India

Topics: Tourism, Maldives, World Tourism Organization Pages: 2 (348 words) Published: September 30, 2011
In this essay I will be outlining the development of the modern tourist industry and explaining the social and economic effects on developing countries. I will first explain the development of the tourist industry. Then I will explain the effects this development has on developing countries in a social and economic way. One country I will be focusing on is India.

India’s tourism industry has had a rapid growth in the past years. This is because the government has been promoting to ‘incredible India’ (Web1). India is currently growing at 30% per annum (Web 1). In 2006 four million tourists visited India and spent over $8.9 billion (Web 1). As transport has got better in the past years more people can visit other countries. One of these countries being India. There are 17 major tourist attractions in India. Some of these being the Ajanta, Dal Lake and the Golden Temple.

The social effect this growth has had many positive and negative effects. These being people learning about other cultures. Transport has also increased as more tourists will want to have an easy travel around India. More people will also get more jobs as foreign industries will be investing in India.

Although there will be good social effect there will also be negative effects. These being pollution will increase as more people will be coming to India and littering. People’s houses will also get knocked down as industries will need space to build new factories.

The economic effect on India of this growth has had many positive effects. These effect are by 2010 tourist arrivals are expected to increase by %22 per year. This will result in a 33% increase in foreign exchange rates (Web 1). The increase in tourism has resulted in creating jobs. There are now roughly 20 million people working in the tourism industry. Disposable income in India has increased by 10.11% annually.(Web 1) This has been spent on travel.

The increase...
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