Increasingly Chinese Students Study Abroad

Topics: People's Republic of China, Han Chinese, Overseas Chinese Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Increasingly Chinese students study abroad
As we know, a lot of cities have China town in the western countries, and I can find so many Chinese people go abroad and immigrate into western countries. Every Chinese citizen loves own country, but they still want immigrate into other countries for their kids. Increasingly Chinese students study abroad even they have to pay great number of money tuition fee and cost of living because Chinese exam-oriented and monopolistic education give students too much stress, studying abroad can get more opportunities in their lives, and free western countries still attract many students. Most people do not like Chinese education in China, so parents want to let their children study abroad. Students hate exam-oriented education, and they have too much burden and stress when they are at primary school and high school. Teachers teach all students only for entrance exam and matriculation exam. Enrollment rate is overweight important than ideological education in every school. Exam-oriented education emphasizes students who can make high scores, which is opposite to compulsory education. Every student should get a good education that should include moral, ideological, knowledge, and skills education. Exam-oriented education lacks many useful factors. I admit it which at the same ages of Chinese students and Canadian students’ thinking the Chinese students is weak than Canadian students. All the schools are under Ministry of education control, and there is not supervisory organ. Every school is stipulated to use the same books. Students, who are at high school, go to school from 7:30am to 6:00pm or 9:00pm. Students do not have time to do what they are interesting, and most students’ creativity and thinking are limited. Therefore studying abroad is good for students to learn many useful things. The higher you are, the better view you have. Studying abroad is also a good way to look for more opportunity in their lives. Most people...
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