What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Studying in Another Country?

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Every year thousands of students go overseas to study. Although many benefit from the experience, others go home disappointed. What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying in another country?

Many students who go overseas to study every year have more experience of studying in another country. Although many benefit from the experience, others go home disappointed. Studying abroad has certain advantages such as good education, international certificate, excited living, but it also has disappointed such as language, culture shock and expensive fees. Study at international university has many favorable conditions to experience the good education where students get update knowledge through modern teaching methods by professor. The university has library with a lot of documents that help students to research. Students can get certificate which is accepted by international. Therefore, they can apply for a good job with more benefits at any company in the world. Studying in another country is not only a course for improve knowledge but also it is a reason to experience an excited living. This helps students to develop self-confidence from living and learn how to think different ways. A new life-style when studying abroad is always attractive but it also has drawbacks. As regards the first, language is one of difficulty for foreign students. Because it is not their mother tongue so that students will have many problems in daily communication over the first few months. Additionally, brand new country causes a culture shock for new students but it does not take a long time when they get new friends and keep their mind on studying. Besides, students must consider school fees and living expense that are expensive fees. As usual, they can find a part-time job to support their finance. General speaking, going study overseas gives more benefits and chances for students to get successful.

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